The Vision

The Neighbourhood Plan Vision

Neighbourhood Plans were established by the Government in the Localism Act 2011 as a new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work

Government Guidance on Neighbourhood Plans

Whilst a Neighbourhood is normally sponsored by the governing body of the area to be covered, the strict intention is for the Neighbourhood to be community driven and not a political forum. We are not alone in Hart in establishing a Neighbourhood Plan and the current status of other Plans can be found here and many Neighbourhood Plans have already been completed covering small rural settlements to areas within large urban regions.

It is therefore critical that we develop the Blackwater and Hawley Neighbourhood Plan with full engagement with the local community, and at the end of the process a public referendum will be held where the local community will vote to adopt to reject the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

The Community Vision

By 2031, Blackwater & Hawley will be recognised as a vibrant centre for community service delivery, surrounded by open green spaces supporting leisure and amenity activities. It will have harnessed its protected resources and developed further community service resources to create a more sustainable settlement with a strong sense of local and distinctiveness from surrounding settlements., reinforced through development of a townscape and historical assets.
Blackwater & Hawley will be looked to by surrounding settlements such as Frogmore, Derby Green as their local service centre but retain their distinct characters and separateness.

Important Aspects To Be Recognised

  • Range of historical buildings and settings defining local history and heritage
  • Transport assets supporting sustainable multi-modal travel
  • Community and Leisure facilities
  • Local commercial and business economy assets
  • Essentially rural setting surrounding our urban area
  • Green, open aspects on approaches to Blackwater & Hawley
  • Character of the Blackwater river upstream, through and downstream of Blackwater & Hawley
  • Woodland embedded within the town and well established street trees

Blackwater & Hawley Boundaries