Meadows Gyratory Improvements – Blackwater & Hawley Residents Consultation

Surrey County Council have decided that they will consult people in Blackwater and Yateley on their proposals for The Meadows Gyratory.
The plans involve creating one right-turning lane for traffic going over the A30 bridge towards the gyratory. This will allow vehicles that want to go down towards the M3 or to the industrial estates to get there without going all the way round the gyratory. In turn, this will reduce the volume of traffic on the gyratory. The plans also involve replacing all the traffic lights with an up to date “intelligent” system that can react to queuing traffic by allowing longer green phases to clear those queues.
The proposals are online now showing the changes to the junction layout and the online survey for your feedback is available until August 1st
For more information and to register your views – click here

Blackwater & Hawley Neighbourhood Plan – Initial Consultation

We are collecting residents’ views to understand what are the key future development issues for Blackwater & Hawley Neighbourhood Plan that are relevant to achieving a better town and country environment. In particular, we would like to collect views on how the town centre can be improved so we can develop and identify a vision and objectives that will attract widespread support.
There are only 6 questions to complete, so please let us know if you think we have missed anything important!
The questionnaire can be completed online by clicking here
Paper copies will also be distributed, so look out for then in local shops and community locations.